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Help menu

The new bottom-right help button makes it easy to learn about the latest Cron product updates and announcements. You’ll receive frequent release notes from us there.

We always love to hear what you think about the product! Let us know by clicking “Send feedback” in the help menu (or pressing G then F anywhere).

Time zone improvements

Working and traveling across time zones is now even more intuitive with Cron. Cron automatically detects when you travel to a new time zone and asks if you’d like to make it your primary time zone. Of course, you can also always manually change and reorder time zones.

You can search for city names, popular city abbreviations, and time standards like “Seattle”, “Ldn”, or “UTC” to add time zones to Cron. We’ve also hidden a few easter eggs. Hint: Batman’s city.

Try searching for your co-workers’ locations — let us know if any search terms are missing.

Other improvements

  • Enables one-off changing colors of events for participants (already worked for organizers).
  • Shows tooltip with the conferencing URL when hovering over the “Join Meeting” menu bar calendar button.
  • Copies “Full name <email>” in clipboard when using copy button next to participant name.
  • Fixes blank window when in fullscreen.
  • Fixes events not defaulting to active calendar in specific scenarios.
  • Fixes event creation failing with a rare combination of reminders.
  • Fixes unable to delete repeat event in the past when navigating from search results.
  • Fixes some writable secondary calendars not showing up in dropdown and wrongly being grouped under “Calendar subscriptions”.
  • Fixes duplicate “Event updated” toast when RSVPing.