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The new top-right search bar lets you search for events across all your calendars. Results show almost instantly as you type. Just hit / or F to start searching. You’ll also find search in Cron’s K command menu.

Search is super helpful to look up people you’ve met with, figuring out when you’re going to meet with someone, or even retrieve a restaurant you’ve dined at. We search across event name, description, the participants, their company names, etc. If you found a long list of results, scroll down for future events and up for past events.

Clicking on a result brings up its full details in the right-hand context panel while keeping your current position in the calendar. With “Go to selected event”, you can scroll the grid to the search result. If you want to select and go to the event directly from the search result list, simply hold option when clicking on it. Both “Select event” and “Select and go to event” are also available by right-clicking on a search result.

Give it a try. If something doesn’t behave as you’d expect, or you can’t find a specific event — or you just think this is the best calendar search ever, let us know!

Other improvements

  • Adds a “Created by” row in the participants list for events created by a non-participant.
  • Makes search keyboard shortcuts (/ or F) also work in the keyboard shortcuts help list.
  • Enables instantly canceling a meeting as participant without sending an email notification by pressing shift delete.
  • Improves positioning of right-click context menu when they get close to the window edge.
  • Improves start and end time parsing when input includes colons, periods, and commas.
  • Uses start and end time from the current grid selection when creating an event.
  • Auto-selects start and end time suggestions when clicking into another field or whitespace.
  • Auto-deselects past events earlier when there are other events upcoming.
  • Auto-dismisses right-click context menu when opening command menu.
  • Shows hint when dragging multiple selected objects across a hidden weekend.
  • Shows in-app warning notification when attempting to delete an event via keyboard shortcut without permission.
  • Renders conferencing as link (not button) for events that lie further in the past.
  • Fixes (once and for all) calendar visibility (eye icon) sometimes reverting after toggling show/hide.
  • Fixes events that have been duplicated, occasionally not reacting to clicks anymore.
  • Fixes editing event reminders causing pending changes for repeat events.
  • Fixes a few edge cases of “Go to next/previous event in series” buttons for complex repeat patterns.
  • Fixes falsely including “Meet with” participant calendars in menu bar calendar preview.
  • Fixes behavior of esc (“Travel back home”, “Meet with”, settings dropdowns, and right-click menus).