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Team scheduling

“Meet with” lets you overlay a teammate’s calendar, pick an available time, and create a meeting in one go. It’s the quickest way to schedule and feels like magic.

The new participant overlay now shows your teammate’s event titles. To inspect the full event details, simply click into their shared events. You can even show participant overlays of already scheduled meetings: select an event with teammates and click the stacked diamond icon in the right-hand context panel. Alternatively, you can “Show participant overlays” by pressing E then F.

Other improvements

  • Improves rendering of holds that are longer than 24h.
  • Deselects selected items on the grid when selecting a time zone.
  • Prevents showing declined events as “upcoming” in the right-hand zero state context panel.
  • Prevents auto-showing a participant’s calendar overlay if that calendar is already visible (subscribed to in the left-hand calendar list).
  • Fixes autocompletion for recent participants in rare cases not working.
  • Fixes menu bar calendar setting to preview upcoming event 30 mins before the event.
  • Fixes freebusy background pattern when primary time zone is different from system time zone.
  • Fixes URL opening behavior for nested <a> tags in description field.