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Cron invites

Cron users can now invite friends or teammates to join Cron. Who from your inner circle would love a better calendar?

Invite via K > Invite to Cron… and enter their email address. You’ll also find “Invite to Cron” in the bottom-right help menu. Note that we support Google Accounts at this time. Hang tight, Microsoft and iCloud users!

To start with, each existing Cron user has one invite. Hit us up for more. We’re excited to deliberately grow the Cron network to more people with you.

Other improvements

  • Adds tooltip when hovering eye icon next to a calendar and holding option to “Show only this calendar”.
  • Special-cases holding option to “Show previously visible calendars” when all but one calendars are hidden to “Show all calendars”.
  • Fixes new all-day repeat events incorrectly expanding.
  • Fixes unable to add Google Meet conferencing to a new repeat event.
  • Fixes creating new repeat events when in “Meet with” mode.
  • Fixes showing an extra dialog when discarding a repeat event in “Meet with”.
  • Fixes events on participant calendars sometimes disappearing in “Meet with”.
  • Fixes duplicating repeat event series when editing it as a participant.
  • Fixes a blank/white screen when in some offline scenarios (e.g., spotty Wi-Fi).
  • Fixes “this process is hanging” dialog occurring in rare circumstances.
  • Fixes changing calendar color from the context panel.
  • Fixes missing checkmark in calendar color swatch.
  • Fixes setting a dark text color for Google calendars that have a custom color.
  • Fixes applying default reminders when creating all-day events (e.g., 10mins before midnight).