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Context panel zero state

When nothing is selected on the grid, we show you a new zero state on the right that attempts to always serve the most helpful actions to you.

We show you useful shortcuts, single-click access to popular functions such as “Share availability”, and the best: if there’s an upcoming event, we show you a card with quick actions such as joining the conferencing.

When selecting an event or hold, the right-hand context panel still shows you the details of those items. To get back to the zero state, simply deselect the event or hold.

Other improvements

  • Adds commands and keyboard shortcuts to display day view (1 or D), display 2 to 9 days (numbers 2 to 9), and display week view (0 or W).
  • Adds educational hints to edit repeat events and meetings with participants instantly by holding .
  • Auto-deletes event when creating an event with participants and discarding the pending changes.
  • Lets arrow keys / move the view by the number of displayed days (J / K continue to move exactly one calendar week).
  • Fixes dragging event that’s close to the all-day section down causing view to scroll up.
  • Fixes instantly reflecting event edits made outside Cron due to a double UTC conversion of the last modified timestamp.