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Link detection for title, location, and description

Websites, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., are now auto-linked in any fields in the right-hand context panel. This is especially useful to have one-click access to Zoom meeting links that often get pasted in the location field. In addition, Cron will launch the native Zoom app directly if installed without opening a browser tab first.

When editing one of the fields, holding down turns the text editing i-beam mouse cursor into a hand when hovering a link to follow it even when editing links and surrounding text.

Other improvements

  • Enables double-clicking on an event chip to focus its title field.
  • Matches top left traffic light outlines to app zoom level.
  • Hides the option to delete or repeat an event if it’s read-only.
  • Disables editing an event as participant to prevent local-only edits.
  • Fixes mutating an event from a repeat series multiple times in short sequence.
  • Fixes jumping to a wrong date when confirming the number of displayed days with return.